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Pyper, Sue
Sue is a fine art sculptor from Courtenay and works in a variety of media, including acrylic paint on live edge wood and more recently, mixed media sculpture. Her pieces always begin with the form suggested by the natural object and she feels that in every material arising from nature, there is an intrinsic essence that reaches beyond the corporeal. Wood, often having lived for longer than any human, embodies this intangible content. She has been enjoying her journey into the 3 dimensional world of sculpture and is looking forward to trying new materials and subjects in the near future.

‘Down the Hatch’ by Sue Pyper

Hunt, David

A mixed media artist.

David enjoys mixing natural and man-made media to create whimsical sculpture that reflects his own unique view of the world.

David Hunt’s website

Termarsch, Angela

A mixed media artist.

McCorquodale, Sheena

Elegant figurative sculptures made from galvanized chicken wire.

‘Isadora Arabesque’ by Sheena McCorquodale

Stewart, James

Figurative bronze sculptures.

When we relate to someone from another culture, it is an expression of our collective humanity. That vulnerability, that connection, is the art. We have just made the world a smaller place.”

‘Jeri’ by James Stewart

Martell, Larry

Graceful wood sculptures.

Rombough, Brian

Bold abstract wood and stone sculptures. Coming from a rich heritage of stone masons, I’ve always been drawn to shapes, patterns, and the inherent strength of natural materials. I endeavour to present pieces in their natural form and only alter them when structural considerations are required. Leaving a ‘live edge’ on the wood and stone accentuates the natural beauty of the piece. I’m always working at my craft and exploring new techniques to achieve my vision.

‘Catching a Wave’ by Brian Rombough

Cooke, Brent

Since 1999, Brent has produced numerous sculptures that have sold worldwide and
currently, he is represented in many art galleries throughout North America.

Brent is pleased to share with you his interpretations of wildlife art as “expressions in bronze”.
While his subjects are mainly birds, he also enjoys producing sculptures of fish.

‘Split Decision’ by Brent Cooke

Bell, Leslie

wood, paper, wire
Leslie Bell was born in North Carolina, studied languages at the University of Alberta and art and illustration at Emily Carr College of Art in Vancouver, British Columbia and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Brenan, Christa
Environmental, peace, societal and women’s issues have often been the focus of Christa’s sculptural work, gleaned from time working for nuclear weapons abolition, and peace groups. Often her works are created as a cathartic process, in the end hoping to inspire deeper enquiry in the viewer. Some pieces are figurative, or abstract – and others inspired by creation theories and myths from different cultures. Christa prefers working in marble and limestone, with some brucite and chlorite on the side. She often blocks out marble pieces using an air hammer, angle grinder and/or die grinder, then works with hand tools to design and finish. Her favourite tools remain her original three hand-made chisels, and a sweet Italian steel mallet.

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Cline, Daniel

bronze, stone
A multi-talented sculptor, noted for his ability to transform a wide variety of types of stone into sculptures of unique form and spirit.

Daniel Cline Sculpture

Cole, Stephen

stone, wood, mixed media and life cast sculptures.

My work is inspired by the jewels I have found to be truly moving, powerful and important in this life. Through line, colour and texture, the work speaks not to the eyes, hands or intellect but through to a deeper place. A quiet and more peaceful place. It may just say “wake up – something is happening here!”

Stephen Cole Fine Art

Cranny, Michael

clay, wax, bronze, wood

Dinney, Laurel

Dobbs, Fred
VISG Vice President
With more than 25 years experience sculpting in a wide range of mediums, Fred has amassed a portfolio of work that includes architectural, figurative, and animated themes. Recently, Fred competed on CBC’s Race Against the Tide tv series.

Gillies, Scott
VISG President
Inspired by nature and working with marble, granite, wood and chicken wire.

Glaros, Angellos

wood, steel, stone
Angellos has begun to find his own coastal style, and works in a variety of sculptural media to create pieces of stunning beauty and life.

Harder, Paul

Paul has taken his love of the wilderness and his many work and travel experiences and developed a new career as an impassioned bronze sculptor. Known for making fish, sea creatures, birds, animals and custom table designs.

Heggen, Ole


Helm, Joanne

Joanne is known for creating sculptures of dogs in bronze and human figures in clay.

Hunwick, David
clay, bronze, etc
David specializes in teaching sculpture, completing commission pieces, and mold making and casting. David is also the founding organizer of the Sculpt Italy sculpting classes:

Ivens, G. James

Large, abstract free-form wood sculptures.

Laforme, Kent

Kent is best known for his unique and bold marble sculptures, which have been exhibited in New York, Hong Kong, Italy, and across Canada.

Lindsay, Linda

Over the years, by sculpting for thousands of hours from life-models, taking additional courses, and studying anatomy while modeling écorché figures she has refined her skills. With great determination to represent the truest sense of the human spirit and beautiful figurative forms, she creates each of her terracotta and bronze sculptures.

MacKinnon, Alison

Multimedia artist

Milroy, Steve

clay, plaster, bronze
A multidiscipline fine artist with a wealth of artist’s life experience to draw on, and a thousand and one incredible ideas percolating in his gray matter… all just waiting to bust out!

Monfette, Louise

clay, plaster, bronze
Stylized figurative sculptures and abstract paintings.

Needham, Daniel

Stone and mixed media
“I like to tell stories with my sculptures. Some are secular stories, but most are modern post Catholic and caustic re-tellings of bible stories.”

Ongaro, Ivano
bronze, stone, clay
“Italian-born Canadian. My passion is to create, express and inspire. Living my dream. Accepting commissions for living portrait busts.”

Paterson, Beverly
clay, bronze, cold cast bronze
Beautiful figurative sculptures with a whimsical touch.

Regan, Leonard

clay, stone

Sanderson, Barb
sculpted glass, concrete & clay
PAL TIYA distributor

Schuerholz, Goetz
bronze, wood, stone
“My sculptures are close to nature. They reflect my battle for the protection of the environment.”

TerMarsch, Angela


Paverpol, originally from Holland, is a non-toxic liquid fabric hardener that works with natural materials. It allows me to create funky, up-cycled original sculptures that can withstand the elements.

Yalte, Zulis

“My art takes me to new places in the world and myself and is a gift. When my art creates connection with another who finds resonance or inspiration from it, the gift is sublime.”