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Christa Brenan

Brian Wark's Wood Sculpture Open House

Freud and Jung Meet in a Tree - What Symbols Do You See? Provocative, strange, beautiful, elegant, disturbing, comical, playful, amazing ... Who are these Beings Who Live in Trees? Come to Brian Wark's Wood Sculpture Open House and marvel! Brian's eclectic wood sculptures reveal untold mythical stories, creatures, relationship dynamics, sub-personalities, species, archetypes and oddities that have been hiding in plain sight. His shamanic sculptures lead us on a journey into the inner recesses of trees and how they reflect our own unconscious minds. Come join the conversation. Casual drop-in. Refreshments & snacks. Saturday June 10 - 2 PM - 5 PM 1205-B Greenwood Avenue (side entrance) Brian J Wark, sculptor & energy healer


The Vancouver Island Sculptors Guild (VISG) officially registered as a non-profit society in 1994. It was formed by a small group of dedicated sculptors to collaborate on art shows and to increase public awareness and appreciation of sculpture. Over the years the Guild membership has expanded, and new members are welcomed. Become a member by filling out the form on the 'Become a Member' page (top menu).