A few spots still remain available for the Vancouver Island Sculptors Guild 3rd Workshop
Mold Making/Casting

This Saturday, October 22nd from 10:30 – 4:30

The excitement builds! This Saturday, October 22nd our 3rd workshop, ‘Mold making and casting’ will be held at – 6375 West Saanich Rd. from 10:30 – 4:30 under the direction of the mold making master himself ‘David Hunwick’.
– There will be a 1/2 hour break so bring something to nibble on, tea and coffee will be available.
– As mentioned in an earlier email, attendees are encouraged to bring a small item/sculpture to mold. The piece needs to within 4 1/2″X 4 1/2″ X 1″ in height, and can be made from: stone, clay, glass, wood, metal or plastic. If you have any questions about what you can bring to mold contact either David Hunwick or Fred Dobbs. The idea is to create a simple one sided mold.
The cost is $40.00, and if you wish to cast something in cold cast bronze the cost could go up.
– Wear your ‘grubbies’, I can’t promise things will get messy, but they could, just saying.
See you there,

VISG Workshops-2016

February 25, 2016
Dear Vancouver Island Sculptors Guild Members,
We are well into 2016 and we are excited for the opportunities of the upcoming year!
Last year we were able to apply for a grant through the CACSP and were given $2000 for the purpose of putting
on workshops for the benefit of our members.
With that, we are happy to announce that we will be putting on four workshops this year, led by our very own
members for us to learn and experience from:
Workshop 1: Stone Carving
By Mike Rebar and Daniel Cline
March 26, 2016, 4-6 hours (exact time to be decided)
Location: Nathan Scott’s Studio, 6375 West Saanich Road
Cost: $25 per person for supplies
Limit: 8-10 people.
This is a workshop put on by two guys with over 100 years of combined experience! (I think that’s what they
said!) They will be talking about subtractive sculpting, the different kind of rocks (granite, marble, soapstone, etc
and their limitability. This will be discussed and demonstrated. Finally, with all this knowledge, you will be let
loose to experiment on your own. Plan to get dirty and bring a respirator. This is not for the faint of heart. Some
tools are big and scary and it’s going to get dirty!
Workshop 2: Figurative Sculpting
By Melanie Furtado
April 23, 10am – 4 pm
Location: Melanie Furtado’s Studio, #2002 , 1818 Government St
Cost: $35 per person for supplies
Limit: 8 people (10 if you’re really small!)
Learn how to sculpt a female torso from a live model in water-based clay! Over 6 hours, you will learn:
– an introduction to working with clay on a basic armature
– how to simplify the basic anatomy of the torso to achieve gesture
– different ways to see and interpret form for greater accuracy
– a system of measuring proportions from the model
– how to hollow and preserve your piece for firing (demonstration)
This will be a fun, hands-on introduction to classical figurative sculpting!
(The fee includes water-based clay, armature, and model fees. Note that hollowing procedures will be
demonstrated only for you to do on your own.)
Workshop 3: Intro to Casting: From Silicone Molds to Patinas
By David Hunwick
Oct-firm date to be announced
10 – 4pm ( max 8 students )
Location: To be announced
Cost: $40
Demonstrations will be given on how to create a simple block mold/one piece mold using silicone rubber. You
will also be introduced to various casting mediums and be shown how to create various faux patinas. Materials
used for casting: urethane resin; gypsum; cement. You will learn how to create metallic effects, translucent
castings, and various distressed finishes.
Workshop 4: The Mysteries of Bronze Casting
By Mr Dobbs & Mr Scott
October or November, 4-6 hours
Location: South Island Bronze Works, 6375 West Saanich Rd
Cost: $35 per person for supplies
Limit: 10-12 people
We will be starting with the casting of wax and moving all the way through the many different steps of producing
a bronze.
Wax casting, the science of spruing, demonstrations of ceramic mold making and even a bronze pour. (Yes, the
real thing, folks!) That will be followed promptly by our famous weiner roast over the piping hot furnace.
Frankfurters in 30 seconds! We will then be breaking open the molds to reveal the new castings. Finally, we will
be touching on the patination of bronze. This will be limited to about 10-12 people (depends on how many hot
dogs we can eat!)
We hope you all find this an exciting line-up! We were hoping to have something for all, but ultimately, we only
hope to build from here. Members will be considered first for their first TWO workshop choices. If there is still
room in workshops, we will consider your third and forth choice. If any workshops do not get the numbers of
interest needed to run it, we will rethink the workshop to gain more interest.
Sign up is ‘first come, first serve’ so get your requests in as soon as you know you are able to make it for the
dates. If your first choice is a workshop that has a date ‘to be announced,’ we will do our best to accommodate
everyone who commits to that workshop.
Payment will be paid directly to the instructors, but will be due as soon as you are notified that there is room for
you in the course. Workshop instructors will contact you directly with payment info once you are accepted into
the workshop.
To sign up, please email Fred Dobbs at kumo[at] or Nathan Scott at nscott[at] .
Name: ___________________________ email: _________________________Phone #: _____________
First Two Workshop Choices:
1: ___________________________________ 2: ____________________________________
If there is still space, I would like to attend these workshops:
3: ___________________________________ 4: _____________________________________
I would be interested in a workshop in the future on this topic: ___________________________